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URL Parameters

For advanced users, the ARENA accepts URL parameters to override some internal defaults. These are passed in the address bar, after the scene name, e.g.:

The following URL parameters are accepted.

Parameter Type Description
armode bool Instantly enter AR mode, and Do not load models with hide-on-enter-ar (allows opening scenes with large models that are not visible in AR).
ATLASurl string URL of ATLAS (e.g. ATLASurl=//
auth string Save the authentication method for the browser session (e.g. auth=anonymous, or auth=google)
camUpdateIntervalMs string Minimum camera update interval in milliseconds (e.g. camUpdateIntervalMs=100)
confstats bool Enable logging to MQTT of conference quality stats.
fixedCamera string Sets the camera name to the given value and enables VIO output to realm/vio/scene-name/camera-name ; fixedCamera=iPhone will set the camera name exactly to the given value (not add any prefix/suffix)
lat float Override device location; (e.g. lat=40.4427)
long float Override device location; (e.g. long=79.9430)
mqttHost string Override MQTT host address (e.g.
name string Set user name (e.g. name=MyName)
noname bool Handles display of user name on the screen. False: (default) display the user name. True: Do not display the user name.
noreticle bool In AR, change the reticle ring to transparent when true, gray when false (default).
scene string Set scene name (e.g. scene=AScene)
skipav bool Skips the webcam, speaker, microphone setup modal. Attempts to use previously selected devices, or system defaults
startCoords string User starting x, y, z coordinates in the 3D environment (e.g. startCoords=0,1.6,0)
startLastPos bool User starts at the last position recorded on this browser (saved per heartbeat in localStorage)
vr bool Do not load models with hide-on-enter-vr (allows opening scenes with large models that are not visible in VR).