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Draw a line that can have a custom width

All wire objects have a set of basic attributes {object_id, action, type, persist, data}. The data attribute defines the object-specific attributes

Thickline Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_id string   A uuid or otherwise unique identifier for this object Yes
persist boolean true Persist this object in the database (default true = persist on server) Yes
type string; Must be: object 'object' AFrame 3D Object Yes
action string; One of: ['create', 'delete', 'update', 'clientEvent'] 'create' One of 3 basic Create/Update/Delete actions or a special client event action (e.g. a click) Yes
data Thickline data   Thickline Data Yes

Thickline Data Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_type string; Must be: thickline thickline 3D object type. Yes
lineWidth number 5 Line width No
lineWidthStyler number 1 Allows defining the line width as a function of relative position p along the path of the line. By default it is set to a constant 1. The final, rendered width is scaled by lineWidth. You can use p in your function definition. It varies from 0 at the first vertex of the path to 1 at the last vertex of the path. No
path string -2 -1 0, 0 20 0, 10 -1 10 Comma-seperated list of x y z coordinates of the line vertices Yes
animation animation   Animate and tween values. No
armarker armarker   A location marker (such as an AprilTag, a lightAnchor, or an UWB tag), used to anchor scenes, or scene objects, in the real world. No
click-listener boolean   Object will listen for clicks No
collision-listener string   Name of the collision-listener, default can be empty string No
color string #7f7f7f Color No
dynamic-body dynamic-body   Physics type attached to the object. No
goto-landmark goto-landmark   Teleports user to the landmark with the given name; Requires click-listener No
goto-url goto-url   Goto given URL; Requires click-listener No
hide-on-enter-ar boolean; Must be: True True Hide object when entering AR. Remove component to not hide No
hide-on-enter-vr boolean; Must be: True True Hide object when entering VR. Remove component to not hide No
impulse impulse   The force applied using physics. Requires click-listener No
landmark landmark   Define entities as a landmark; Landmarks appears in the landmark list and you can move (teleport) to them; You can define the behavior of the teleport: if you will be at a fixed or random distance, looking at the landmark, fixed offset or if it is contrained by a navmesh (when it exists) No
material-extras material-extras   Define extra material properties, namely texture encoding, whether to render the material’s color and render order. The properties set here access directly Three.js material component. No
parent string   Parent’s object_id. Child objects inherit attributes of their parent, for example scale and translation. No
position position   3D object position No
rotation rotation   3D object rotation in degrees by default; Right-handed coordinate system. Switches to quaternion representation if ‘w’ is given No
scale scale   3D object scale No
shadow shadow   shadow No
sound sound   The sound component defines the entity as a source of sound or audio. The sound component is positional and is thus affected by the component’s position. No
url string   Model URL. Store files paths under ‘store/users/' (e.g. store/users/wiselab/models/factory_robot_arm/scene.gltf); to use CDN, prefix with `` (e.g. No
screenshareable boolean True Whether or not a user can screenshare on an object No
video-control video-control   Video Control No
buffer boolean true Transform geometry into a BufferGeometry to reduce memory usage at the cost of being harder to manipulate (geometries only: box, circle, cone, …). No
jitsi-video jitsi-video   Apply a jitsi video source to the geometry No
material material   The material properties of the object’s surface. No
multisrc multisrc   Define multiple visual sources applied to an object. No
skipCache boolean true Disable retrieving the shared geometry object from the cache. (geometries only: box, circle, cone, …). No